The RSP Story



Where do I start?

After revamping and updating my website … I thought, this would be a perfect time to freshen up my BIO section. Why Not? How hard could that be. lol.

So… after just the right amount of contemplation, staring at my computer screen with a blank word document in front of me, and multiple cups of java waiting for the words to magically appear, the neurons fired. All I needed to do was follow my two guiding principles that inspire me.


#1: Be true to yourself

#2: Be true to your clients


Photography isn’t my job…. a job is raking leaves (we live in a forest on a lake... so…truckloads of leaves) or doing my taxes – necessary yes, but fun…. not really. I was fortunate to discover wedding photography thru my landscape photography in 2008, my first wedding, everything changed. This is my life, my other love – my craving to be true to myself. After nearly 10 exhilarating years, I (actually we – all about John below) eagerly look forward to bringing our creative style to each and every Wedding. Love meeting amazing couples, travel to stunning locations and participate as each couple’s unique and distinct wedding day unfolds.


“What an adventure”!!


Scroll to the messages below as I believe this will offer insight as to my personality and how this relates to you for your Wedding Day.


Meet Ruth


I find BIO sections as creative as the artists who write them, an opportunity to put down my camera to  chat and share with you my personal insights into how I spend “me time”  i.e. -- curled up reading a whimsical who-dun-it in cozy pajamas with a cup of tea, a gentle fire – and the snow blanketing the outdoors in a soft hush. 

Or how I love “us-time” with my soul-mate and friend, to share a latté and exchange an intimate kiss under the Eiffel Tower – as we narrowly escape the spring rain.

As engaging and rewarding as these moments are, I’d like to take it one step further and present some  “who I am” moments and shine a beacon into what motivates me and how I bring energy, and enthusiasm to your Wedding day.


APPROACHABLE - absolutely! This is about your fabulous day and I am just a note or phone call away.

DEDICATED - .......maybe a wee bit too much at but I really do care that much.

FRIENDLY- energetic, positive, attentive and open to your ideas.

QUIET – when I am deep in thought capturing candid moments...or asleep.

FUNNY - I am a lover of laughter. I adore funny people, but cannot, as much as I try, tell a joke!

FLEXIBLE - I do some of my best work when the pressure is on...I seem to thrive on it.




Introducing Us


Although I am the lead photographer, John, is my hubby, business partner and I must say remarkable second shooter for your entire Wedding Day. In addition to our chats for upcoming Weddings and Engagement sessions– we take time to review, educate and inspire each other, to push ourselves to try something unique and photographically inspiring. (one of the perks of photography is you never stop learning!)

I love how we compliment each others style. We have captured so many Weddings together that we seem to be able to read each others minds…seriously! This has come from the hundreds of hours we have spent figuring out what works, angles and perspectives,  that I barely notice John is there sometimes. LOL. John and I have several meetings prior to your Wedding Day, about your timelines, and your vision, as we are all about communication with our B&G’s so your day flows smoothly. 


Your wedding day is a busy blur of excitement and emotion – with so much going on everywhere - it makes my heart sing to hear our clients say “I love our portfolio” or “ omigosh I am thrilled you captured that moment”. Your Wedding Day is unique to only you…. a book documented of your day. An investment in a priceless time capsule that will live on and be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren.


Bride and Groom......Models are not required

Let’s face it, even fashion models have guidance but our goal is to strive to capture your love and connection together. This starts at our first meeting or Engagement session, as we develop a personal approach that best suits each couple’s energy and style.


I view each Wedding and Engagement session as a visual journal – a book that relives all the excitement, love, exhilarating moments, and yes those emotional tears of joy.  


You have also hired me to offer my years of experience to “see beautiful flattering light” and direct you to the locations with artistic ideas in mind.

“Unique photography is the emotional connection, between you and your fiancé. Be in the Moment”.


Look into each other’s eyes, think back to your journey that brought the two of you to this moment – and take comfort that you have each other for your life’s adventure ahead of you. This will take you to that intimate moment that you can feel in a photograph as it shows “real”. My lens absolutely adores these moments when you connect in the now!


 An engagement session offers a fantastic opportunity to get to know what to expect on your wedding day, we’ll use this stepping stone as an in integral part of your journey to get to know each other and feel at ease in front of the lens.


Some of the most amazing photos are taken when the couple are so lost into each other - the whole world melts away – talk about trust – talk about magic!

Imagine ..... Your Wedding Day has Arrived

Your Wedding day is about to unfold, the excitement and total anticipation is upon you! We are now a team with one focus for you to enjoy in each and every moment as it unfolds throughout your day. We have chatted for hours, emailed (many, many times lol) and met in person so a trust and repoire has been created. You know I am totally on-board with your vision, timelines and special events throughout your day. As a team, backup plans have been created due to possible weather issues, tips and suggestions, to create the most time possible for each segment of your Wedding Day. You are ready to adore one of the highlights of your life together and you know I am here for you every step of the way to assist with a stress free, remarkable day for you both.


Family and friends are excited to see you both to, celebrate your love together as you embark on a fabulous new adventure in your lives.

The days, months and possibly years of planning are over……so today just.... “LOVE YOUR UNIQUE DAY” with the soul mate you adore!

Our heart for your day

We will let you know when our scheduled time to leave is approaching. After all you should not have to worry about what time it is on your Wedding Day. Your day is fluid and timeless as it should be. If you would like to add more time at this point…absolutely that is entirely up to you because after all your Wedding Day is all about what works for YOU.


As your day comes to an end for us, we load our equipment and head back home chatting the entire way about this photo or that - I can hardly contain my excitement to load your photographs; and watch how the portfolio develops with a seamless combination of intimate, laughter and joyous moments. All your photos are meticulously backed up to several hard drives for security.


Now begins the pure pleasure of selecting your portfolio from the thousands of photographs that will speak to each of you, so you can relive the exhilaration  which encompassed your day. I have to be truthful, alone in my office viewing these captures, I have laughed, had so many "ahhh" moments and even cried.....but we will keep this between you and me!


Keeping in to hear from you!

With so many remarkable ways these days to keep in touch with our clients (past, present & future) please check out my active Facebook Page, for weddings, engagements and portraiture.


I enjoy staying in touch with our community’s talented and professional vendors, and I post regularly on Facebook my research into useful tips and pass along wedding news and trends (with links)


Love Pinterest (lots of ideas here), Twitter and … and I am now finally embracing that sharp little tool: Instagram. Love to see you!

If you want to search my archives for specific weddings or locations – please check out my BLOG – it contains everything wedding and engagement related.


And of course if you want to chat, give me a call at (613) 273-6141 … I would love to hear from you.

You can contact me from my main page but here is a quick link. Send Me a Note


Love your day and thank you for your visit!



P.S.  …if you were kind enough to read this novel I have created above……. the Eiffel Tower was incredible that Spring with my man and I didn’t care if we got wet in the least!

P.S.S.....lover of; my 3 amazing children, my partner in crime,  Belgium chocolate, everything photography, sitting at our dock with friends, diving off the boat in the middle of the lake, foodie and traveling the world. 

Thank you